Toyota Landcruiser GRJ-79


Toyota Landcruiser GRJ-79

One of the concept cars we are going to build this year.

If ¬†“SIMPLY” is the keyword for a overland car, this car is THE BEST.

for use all over in Europe without restrictions, but special for travellers who want to use it also outside off Europe. the patrol engins are no problem worldwide, to compare with the new E6DTEMP diesels wich will have problems with the high sulfer percentage and the bad quality of diesel outside Europe.

special for Holland we make the units so that you can take out the furniture very easily due to our smartfloor. so you can drive the car as a company car and in 10/15 min it can be changed over in a overlanding camper. easy to clean if you want to ship it over to Australia.

The compact unit (Tembo Ndogo) fits in a 20ft container.

The bigger unit (Tembo Kubwa) fits in a HC container.

There is no

*lane assist *centrale door locking *electric windows *multimedia and more of this crapp, what you don’t realy need is left out.

What is in

*extreem reliable petrol v6 4.0l engine *the reinforced 80 series gearbox/transfercase *270hp *2X90 liter tank. UPGRADES on the car by TEMBO.*extra 100 liter petrol tank *2 diff locks * winchbar+ winch *bushbars *special wheels/tires *snorkel (raised air intake) *ledbar

our standard units come with

*to your choice the door on the site or on the back *2 windows + mosquito netting *2 burn cooker *sink *toilet *watertank *waterpomp *petrol heater (webasto) *dc/dc converter 25 amp (victron) *12/230 volt inverter (victron) *2 yellow top batterys *2 sunbeam tough solar panels *sitting area with cushions+ there cover *a matras of 10cm + a special breather matras 2cm *lots of storrage in the unit (flight case interior) *4 storrage boxes (alluminium) special made underneath the unit *gasbottle for coocking * fridge 65liter

Currently we are develloping the new units and soon they will be ready to see in 3D on this site. Of cours the will be in our hous style: alluminium skeleton (welded) frame and our honeycomp panels. a empty unit is just under 200 kilogram!!!!



this summer we where very busy with developing/drawing our concept units on the LC79. we made a good start with the build of them.



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