Who is Pier?

From “my early days” being a technician by heart. Fully developed as a certified technician in the Dutch Army. Additional working experience, as technical manager of a sawmill and chipboard factory in Tanzania. And as importer and seller of diesel generators in Uganda.

I’ve got a huge travel experience of years in Africa, Europe and Eastern Europe. To mention, but not limited to: Morocco, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Siberia.

These travels have always been in cars which were designed and (re-)build by myself. Some brands to mention: Scania, Mercedes, DAF, Iveco, Unimog, MAN.

As from 2001 I decided to make a full living of the design, construction and delivery of all kinds of expedition vehicles. The first years under the name of “Twiga Services”, years later followed by the company “Twiga Travel Cars”. This last firm I sold by the end of 2013 and created “Tembo Travel Services”.

Due to the experience, effect on tens of thousands of kilometres, on these travels I am fully able to specify the capabilities and toughness of the vehicles needed on such travels. In the past 25 years in which I have been designing, building, repairing and modifying expedition or overland trucks I’ve got a more than rich on the spot knowledge about old and new base cars, interior design, technical equipment, technical specifications, etc.

With this experience, I am able to fulfil your wishes like no other.

Who is Michiel?

As a boy, I tinkered a lot with mopeds and motorcycles, and my passion for 4WD’s was laid on my 19th when I helped a friend prepare his Nissan Patrol for a long trip through Scandinavia. At that time, both travelling and technology attracted me enormously.

However, my career took a different turn and I spent many years working in various positions in technology and then many years as a self-employed person in the creative industry.

By chance, I met Pier during an open day, and we clicked right away. My passion for 4WD travel cars came back again, when I saw what Pier had already built and heard about his new ideas. Pier gave me the opportunity to help build and everything fell into place for me. Now, as a freelancer, I contribute to the dreams of your travellers. It really is a dream job!

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