Puch-Steyr 230 GE leaving the work-shop

Last week the puch-steyr 230 GE has left our work-shop.

Tembo Travel Services has build it’s second Puch 4×4. It use to be from the Swiss army. we costume re-build it into a beautiful, strong and robust off-road camper, completely according to the customer’s wishes.

They actually want to go to Russia and the formal Russian states. We really hope it will happen for them in the near future but due to Covid 19 no one is sure if it will happen. Every traveller should know that you make plans and the reality is sometimes different.

Let it go.

If you close one door another one will open.

Of course, they have an alternative plan. If you want to know more off their trip you can click in the bar above on TRAVELLERS and go to worldinsideout.nl We wish them a beautiful trip in their new 4×4 home

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