Mercedes T1 – 410 – 4×4

This Mercedes T1 – 410 was a fire truck out of Austria from origin. And has been re-build into an overland travel/expedition vehicle. The petrol engine has got 105 bhp, drive train is featured with hi- and low gear, diff lock on rear axle and an upgraded suspension. An extra petrol tank has been added with a capacity of 120 liters.

The pop-up roof has been fabricated of aluminium, ofcourse with sides of fabric and mosquito netting and can be operated by means of electric cylinders.

The rooftop has a bed of 140 x 200 cm, eventually with bad weather there is the possibility to sleep in the unit itself, so without popping up the rooftop.

Up to Erfoud, Morocco, via Almeria > Melilla > Nador/Morocco for further testing in

Erfoud of this Mercedes T1 410 4×4.

And this with good rally friends, who are going to test their vehicles for the next…

Dakar !

Desert storm coming up! The Best opportunity to try out the “inside sleeping”, so without lifting the rooftop!

November 25, 2019

Almost in Mauretania with our Mercedes T1 – 410 – 4×4.
Testing it with the 105 bhp petrol engine.
After 1500 km hard piste, a great little car!

Mauretania was great! Very nice pistes.

January 1, 2020

After a day of stoney piste, a great place 🍀🍀

January 11, 2020

I am now for 4 months travelling with the Mercedes T1 – 410 – 4×4.

Covered about 11.000 km inclusive 2.500 km of piste and deep sand in Morocco and Mauretania.

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