4×4 Off-road Pickup Camper


The pick-up camper unit by Tembo Travel Services is much more developed and refined than it was back in 90’s, but the basic concept hasn’t changed at all.

The camper must observe three basic principles:

Light weight, Durability and Simplicity.

Aluminum framing and skin keeps the camper light and durable. Decorative design elements are kept to an absolute minimum to reduce weight and increase durability.a

These three simple, yet complex goals, provide a very small niche in the camper marketplace unlike other brands of pick-up campers. Whereas larger, more complex truck campers provide amenities and large living spaces, Tembo Travel Services embrace the ability to literally go camping in comfort anywhere your pick-up can go safely and with relative ease.

The basic idea is a fairly simple, but very strong, cage from aluminum frame fabricated and also the walls in and outside from alumium with a superb isolation in between. Much like an airplane frame, it has the ability to flex, providing greater strength and durability, therefore longer life and the ability to handle the torque experienced on mountain and desert roads, far away from pavement.

Optimum off road capability demands the lowest center of gravity. The minimal height over the cab of the truck is essential, and as much weight as possible is on the floor of the camper.

Main characteristics

The casco unit including rooftop tent weighs only about 220 kilograms !!!

The casco can be fitted on Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger, etc. etc.

The casco can be fully customized to the owner.

This interior can be fabricated as well, all to the wishes of the owner.

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